Jush Glamping

I've been posting some angry emojiis on the Jush Glamping site, so thought I'd better explain.

If you are going to read through this it is a bit of a story, from which none of the main characters come out looking good.

On Thanksgiving Day (23rd November 2023) Jush fed me and my guest undercooked turkey that tasted horrible. They want witnesses. We were on a group table. My fellow diners all remarked on how awful my turkey looked. At first I didn't know what the problem was - it was actually a late arrival who told me that it was undercooked.

I didn't complain at the time. On that, ChatGPT remarked "It's understandable that you didn't immediately complain on the day, as sometimes situations like these can catch us off guard". No human has taken that view. Haha. Let's move on...

I visited Jush on 7th December 2023 to try to get a practical apology by way of some money back. But the experience was a farce. In the end I asked if you even believe me that the turkey was undercooked - and was told no - I didn't have photographs or witnesses with me so nothing I said could be believed. And of course I was complaining in person too late etc. I got nothing but 'attacking the victim' bilge and contradictory lies.

So what's the real reason I care about this? Well it was either incompetence or malice. When it is incompetence then you usually find out some of the details - the owner will tell you about the inexperienced staff member, the process that wasn't adhered to, the thermometer that was misreading, some details. And you get a humble apology. From the person in charge. But in this case the owner was too busy to talk to me, prefering to leave me to his staff and their clattering wall of lies.

On Wednesday 20th December I ran into Jorg outside MaxCow. Until this point we had never met so I introduced myself and tried to fist pump, but instead Jorg gave me a pretty nice gentleman's handshake. So a good start. Then I asked him what happened with the turkey on Thanksgiving. I found the response so amazingly disrespectful I could only walk off. Jorg said "If your date didn't work out don't blame us". He is telling me to my face that I'm lying. But also he is telling us what he wanted to happen. So now it seems like malice - and we have a motive!